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About Hidden Hills and Our Services

Hidden Hills is run and maintained by Harold & Rachel, who live on site. You will discover countless trails and sites that are maintained by Harold & Rachel. The lake is man made, though you'd never guess it. The rock walls and waterwheel were all developed by Harold to accent the natural beauty of the space. The wood you see in the structures at Hidden Hills is from the trees on-site. It is even milled on site into boards. Even the cedar shingle roofing tiles are created on site using century old equipment. As you walk the property, you will see many pieces of farm equipment and machinery from a bygone era. Amazingly, much of the equipment is still in working order and is still used.

Hidden Hills is a gated property. If you are interested in seeing the property before you schedule your upcoming weddding, family reunion, corporate retreat, or other event, please contact Rachel at 864-834-0202, or at 864-836--0557.